I Got The Power


Jesus Rock


I Got The Power
I Got The Power
I Got I Got I Got I Got The Power
Jesus Make Me Strong
Jesus Make Me Strong
Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Make Me Strong

I Can Never Win Alone, Without Christ In The Zone
I Got No Strength To Rhyme In This Microphone
Got The Power To Go On, Straight From The Zone
Heavenly Blessing I'm Strong To The Bone
Ku Perkasa Serasa Laksana Sang Raksasa
Rock Of Ages, Senantiasa Masa Ke Masa
I Can Do All Things Thru Christ Who Strengthen Me
I Be Chillin Bravely In Front Of My Enemy
Tak Pernah Kutakut Di Kala Musuh Datang Menghadang
Tak Perlu Bimbang Dikala Iblis Datang Menyerang
Bukan Mau Anggar Jago Or Seng Ada Lawang
Tapi Dengar Dulu Beta Bicara Kawan
Coz' I Got The Power, Dari Tete Manis (Yesus - Bhs Ambon)
Yang Abadi Dan Tak Mungkin Pernah Habis
Aku Lemah Tapi Dengan Dia Aku Kuat
Ku Tak Pernah Ragu Kalau Benar Aku Berbuat

I Got The Power, An Awesome Power
So I Can Stand Strong Just Like A Tower
I'm Even Stronger, Can't Keep Me Longer
The Wait Is Over, I Cross The Border
I'm Undefeated And Undisputed
Just Let Me Break It, This Is How I Put It
Not By My Own, Not By My Might
Sent From The Throne, Not By My Sight
I-I-I Got The Power To Fight The Sin Of The Flesh
When I Feel Weak, The Bible Make Me Fresh
Got My Faith Workin, I Got The Picture
Running For The Finish Line Like In The Scripture
My Sight Is Fixed, It's Set On The Prize
My Sin Is Dead Coz' My Lord Paid The Price
I Shall Work And Running But I Wont Get Tired
To Walk The Talk, Set The World On Fire

God Will Give Us His Power
If Holy Spirit Went Down Like Shower
So We Can Go And Show The World
That Jesus Is Our Strength
You Are My Portion, You Are Mine
You Are My Shelter When In The Night
With You My Lord I'm Forever-Ever Standing Strong

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