Here Is Love



Down at the cross I found my way
You came and met me
Forgiveness flowed down from a tree
In You I'm made clean

(verse 2)
Amazing grace that rescued me
Out of my sin
Restored redeemed, forever free
In You made Holy

(pre chorus)
How could I say thanks
To You who gave us all

Here is Love poured out so freely
Here is Love that captivated all of me
At Calvary
Here is Love Your arms wide open
Here is Love
Your Mercy draws me closer
To You my Lord

(verse 3)
The prince of Peace our ransom paid
A flood of Mercy
This life I live, my offering
Unto the King

The Cross I see
That rugged tree
Tells of Grace and Mercy
Redemption's blood all over me
Living in Your beauty

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