Louder Than Life

Sidney Mohede


Hear The Sound Of My Heart Beating
Hear The Sound Of My Soul Singing To The Heaven
I'm So Thankful
Let The Thunder Crush Before Me
Let The Flood Rise Up Before Me
I Won't Falter
For You Are With Me

Through The Storm And Through The Season
You Have Shown Your Love For Me
Through The Noises Of My Life
Your Grace Has Silenced
All The Fears In Me

Let Your Symphony Be Louder
Let The Melodies Of Your Love
Fill The Heaven
I Will Praise You

Let Your Love In Me Be Stronger
And The Harmony Of Your Grace
Echoes In My Heart
For Your Love Is
Louder Than Life

Let Your Melody
Let Your Harmony
Be Louder
Louder Than My Life

Let Your Symphony
Let Your Harmony
Be Louder
Louder Than My Life

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