You Are My Hiding Place

JPCC Worship



 Verse 1


You can breathe all the stars


You can hush the raging storms

              Dm                                                     F

Yet You formed me and You called me by my




You can walk on the ocean


Part the sea and halt the sun

              Dm                                              F

Yet You see me and You hear my every cry


Pre Chorus

     Am                F

So I Surrender all

            Am                 F

To the savior of my soul




Let the weak in me say I am strong


You’re my refuge and my song

Dm                                      F

I will trust in You for all my days


Let my fears and doubts be cast away


You’re my strength I will not fear

Dm                              F                    …G

Jesus I will call upon Your name

                     Am       F

You are my hiding place


Verse 2


Broken steps broken hearts


You are mending every part

         Dm                                     F

I am safe and I’m covered by Your grace


Only You and Your light


Could turn my darkness into dawn

               Dm                                              F

By Your blood death has lost and love has won 

Additional Info

 Penulis: Sidney Mohede, Kenny Goh

Genre: Modern

Tema: Iman Dan Pengharapan, Penyerahan Diri

Tempo: Lambat

Nada Dasar: C

Album: One

Tahun: 2013

Tag: JPCC Worship


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